Whomever you choose, be confident. Be Celectiv.


Celectiv's patent-pending technology makes it easy for you to make the best hiring decisions the first time. It minimizes bias through facts and clear decision making.


In seconds, our software identifies candidates with the greatest probability of success.

We then structure interviews so that you make fact-based decisions. Simple arithmetic scoring in Celectiv yields more reliable decisions than expert intuition.

It aligns all hiring with how a company creates value. It drives performance.


Are Smart

General mental ability (GMA) predicts success "better than any other ability, trait, or disposition and better than job experience.”


"General Mental Ability in the World of Work" Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Are Responsible, Tenacious, And Thorough

"100-plus years of psychological research has shown conscientiousness…to be the best predictor of job performance" among personality traits. "The National Academy of Sciences oversaw metaanalysis of 92 studies…found strong evidence to support the view that conscientiousness is highly predictive of job performance.”


"Which of the Big-Five Personality Traits Best Predicts Job Performance?" Forbes

Fit Your Culture

"Employees who work for the same corporation, no matter what their jobs, are 30 percent more likely to exhibit similar leadership competencies (behaviors)…than people who do the same job but who work in different companies. That is true even if the people from different companies work in the same industry or region."


"Culture Matters Most," Harvard Business Review


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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

How a candidate uses language predicts cognitive skills. Natural Language Processing (NLP) analyzes language to understand how a candidate uses language, and Celectiv software uses NLP to predict problem solving skills with 95 percent reliability. For positions that require manual dexterity,


IBM Watson Personality Insights

Celectiv uses validated IBM software to predict conscientiousness from as few as 300 words from a candidate.


Celectiv Cultural Model

Celectiv mapped behaviors to eight models of how companies create economic value. You interview for what matters most to your business.


Celectiv guides you through interviews. It is simple, easy and jargon free. You just drag and drop.

And you will select the best candidate.


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